Anxiety Subliminal Script

You have a right to be here. You are as good as anyone. You are a child of the Universe,. You have a right to be here. The Universe is unfolding the way it should be. You can be at peace with yourself.

You CAN correct the imbalances which cause anxiety, and rewire your brain, by holding onto, and cherishing those moments of happiness, normalcy and ease.

Every day is a new beginning. Today is your most important day. When we take each day and make the most of it, then, things come out alright.

When you let go of your problems, then you begin to see the solution to your problem, because your mind is free. You let go of your anxiety. You develop and maintain a happy and relaxed outlook each day. Each day, reject the negative and see the positive in all things.

You allow the positive thoughts of truth and love and hope to be stronger. You believe in truth, and love and hope.